Bible Teaching Sunday School Ministry
We have a vibrant Sunday school ministry with classes for all ages. It is our belief that all Christians, regardless of age, will be helped by the opportunity to study the Word of God together as a family (2 Tim. 2:15).

Children’s Bible Hour Ministry
Children are the most precious gift the world has been given, and it is the burden of Heritage Baptist Church to reach children with the gospel of Jesus Christ (Mk. 10:14).

Faith Promise Missions
The Lord Jesus Christ commanded His church to reach the whole world with His gospel (Mk. 16:15). Heritage Baptist Church supports missionaries financially and prayerfully through its Faith Promise Missions Program to carry out the command given by the Lord.

Our Church supports the following missionaries:
  • Peter and Jean Ard – Argentina
  • Randy and Donna Bane – TNT Ministries
  • Chuck and Anita Bauman – France
  • Chad and Vicki Branch – South Africa
  • Doug and Debbie Carragher – Armed Forces Baptist Missions
  • David and Patricia Epps – Prison Ministry
  • Steve and Ruth Grubbs – Maine
  • James and Rosie Miyashita – Japan
  • Josh and Sonia Poss – Ecuador
  • Justin and Danielle Sauder – Zambia
  • Larry Seals – Gulf Coast Prison Ministries
  • Rocky Shelton – Cross Roads Rescue Mission Men’s Shelter
  • The Shepherd’s Place – Children’s Home
  • Robert and Cathy Smith – Brazil
  • Robert and Sara Stover Family – Peru
  • Steve Watts – Canada
  • Kevin and Beth White – Bolivia

Faithful Men’s Ministry
Our homes and churches are in dire need of faithful men. The opportunity to fellowship together and study God’s word is the priority of our Faithful Men’s Ministry (2 Tim 2:2)

Media Ministry
The preaching of God’s Word has preeminence in every service at Heritage Baptist Church. That is why every message that is preached is recorded. We want to afford people the opportunity to listen to the messages that have touched their heart again and again, and to pass those same messages on to others.

Music Ministry
Worshipping the Lord through music is an important part of each service (Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16). The choir and special singing ministries help to reveal the truths of God’s word to those who hear it. The goal of our music ministry is to point people to Jesus Christ.

Nursery Ministry
The nursery ministry affords parents the opportunity to listen to the preaching of God’s word without interruption. It also affords children the opportunity to be taught Bible stories and songs that will help to shape their thinking as they grow.

Outreach Ministry
The responsibility given us by the Lord to reach others with the gospel is carried out through the Outreach Ministry of our church. Weekly visitation, as well as monthly planned soul-winning endeavors allows Christians the opportunity to give the gospel through the ministry of the local church. (Acts 20:20)

Phebe Ladies Ministry
The Ladies of Heritage Baptist Church meet together on a monthly basis to fellowship together, hear the teaching of God’s word, and seek opportunities to minister to others (Ro. 16:1).

Teens for Christ Ministry
The desire for our teenagers is to create a ministry atmosphere as opposed to a group atmosphere. Many churches do all they can to entertain young people without taking the time to teach them the truths of God’s word. The Teens for Christ Ministry emphasizes godly fellowship, Bible teaching, and growing into what God has for each young person (1 Ti. 4:12).

Van Ministry
There are many people who desire to come to church but have no way of getting there on their own. This is especially true of children. The vehicles that God has blessed our church with are used to bring people to Jesus (Lu. 14:23).

Visitation Ministry
The Bible commands us to care for the sick, homeless, and widows. The Pastor and his staff visit those in need regularly to bring encouragement and the love of Christ to those who are in great need (Ja. 1:27)
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